what our artisans say

No two days are alike here, and that’s exactly what it is about, to work with joy and with our beautiful products! Thank you for the many years in Bernau.

Martina, Mittelstation

Happy employees make clients happy and vice versa. Working together with different people and their know-how brings new joy to each and every day.

Vroni, Tüten

 It’s a pleasure to work with beautiful products made of wood. Our materials are so diverse and exciting. We constantly further develop our products.

Carolin, Bretter

our team

Most of our employees come from the Black Forest and are deeply rooted in their region and in their traditions. Each one has her and his special responsibilities in production processes and logistics, each one with a passion for the original and the handmade. A trustful working together and the affection towards our products connect us in our 300 years old Black Forest house.


From itself, but never alone. Together with our long-term business partners in and around Bernau we create our products, mainly made of wood, textiles, steel and ceramics, since more than 21 years. Outworkers assemble beautifully shaped products intended both for use and appreciation. We aim to oppose whatever is hasty and noisy in our daily surroundings. Through the language of our products we realize an environment of simplicity and clarity.