Not only since yesterday we love and protect the nature that we enjoy here around the Feldberg every single day. For us, sustainability begins with thinking in larger life cycles. Interior products are not disposable items for us that end up in bulky waste every few years, because their chic is yesterday. As we don’t tend to the rapidly changing trends and fashions, our products for living remain beautiful for a lifetime. Natural materials are our clear favorite when it comes to producing. Every wood that we use comes from renewable crops. We manufacture shelves and table tops from solid wood – without plastic surfaces, free of chipboard chemistry. Everything is naturally degradable or recyclable. Instead of in distant countries, we produce our living ideas in companies nearby that we can control. Most of them work in the Black Forest, all of them in Germany. Only the glassware comes from the Czech Republic and from Poland, but also their production is subject to EU regulations. A lot of solid handwork gives our products a long life. Craftsmen as well as home workers are paid correctly according to tariff. Child labour and wage dumping are excluded. All of this has its fair price, but it’s worth it.